computer-housekeepingHappy first day of Spring!

You know what that means…time for Spring Cleaning.

When was the last time you thought about cleaning up around your office?

I’m not just talking about straightening your desk and your top drawer; I mean really getting into the dark and dingy crevices that are never seen.

Deep in your email box maybe, messages from 2003?

What about those old programs and trials you downloaded and used once?

Do you have 6 draft versions of the same document?

Clean out your cache?

Really, it’s better to do it now then when your computer freezes up and you get so frustrated you just delete it all!

Start with your desktop, do you really need all those shortcuts?

I’m sure with a bit of thought you can create a file management system that will really make sense to you.

A clean computer desktop is just as important as a clean desk-desk top.

Trust me, you’ll feel so much better!