What Our Clients Say

Our clients are happy with us – because we do everything we can to make sure that our engagement meets their needs! Take a peek at a few of the client comments (conveniently sorted by your area of interest) to see what we’re talking about.

CA Plus

“Even for individuals with deep prior knowledge about problem solving methodologies, this course provides innovative techniques to go beyond just finding root causes and implementing corrective actions. It describes simple steps to ensure critical problems are fixed permanently and they don’t reoccur. Several practical exercises complement theoretical lessons to help in consolidating learned topics while exercising critical thinking and a high degree of interaction with other students. Mary is an excellent communicator and has a vast knowledge and experience in all quality related topics. Definitively a course that will significantly enhance problem solving skills for anybody working in the quality field”.

Rafael D
Global Quality, chemical products for the construction industry

“The methods and tools taught in this class are directly applicable to finding a true root cause! If you are looking to improve or refresh your skill sets for corrective actions and root cause analysis, Mary is an outstanding and knowledgeable instructor. Within two days I was able to gain a greater understanding and plant seeds of growth in my mind for methodologies to enhance and improve actions at our factory.”

Edward M
Quality/Lab Manager Flat Roofing Industry

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Failure Mode Effects Analysis Class

“The FMEA class was helpful to break down the problem and prioritize systematically and to save time. It helped me to organize my thoughts and analysis for troubleshooting.”

Jenny C
Director, Healthcare Supplier

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Project Management Class

“Very good material. Instructor had superb understanding of subject. Excellent course – provides tools that are useful at all levels in business, education, and personal life.”

Bonnie B.

“She presented the info clearly and the in-class examples were helpful in understanding and applying the concepts. Mary needs to write a book – “Project Management for Dummies”!
James W

“The instructor’s approach to Project Management is the most comprehensive training course I have seen. Bright and top-notch presentations! Thank you!”
Adele M

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Management Systems Implementation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary McDonald on two occasions; once conducting an internal audit and the other, a more extensive exercise, reconstructing our R2/EMS/OHS Management System to accommodate significant operational changes. The internal audit that Mary conducted during our 2018 cycle covered R2, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Mary’s knowledge and professionalism throughout the audit was exceptional. While thorough certification audits can be demanding and to a degree stressful, I had a deep appreciation for her attention to detail. When the compliance audit was conducted by the certifying body there were no surprises. During the course of 2019 Nave’s operation was going through significant changes, which required an evolution of our R2/EMS/OHS Management System. We were working with compressed timelines to ensure a seamless transition of our program, at the same time upgrading our system to the new ISO 45001 standard. Mary put together a very detailed and aggressive project plan that she executed on flawlessly that got us the certifications we have today. Mary has essentially become a valued member of our team; a colleague as opposed to your average consultant. Her comprehensive knowledge of these certifications has been invaluable in regards to creating a fully integrated system. If you’re serious about a R2/EMS/OHS Management System and are seeking a partner to achieve your objectives, Mary is the person for the job.”

Pete B.
General Manager Telecom Solution Provider

Without a doubt a subject expert. Their knowledge and network of resources (other quality experts, etc.) provide you with all the information you need to set up an outstanding quality management system or enhance and improve an existing one. In addition, the method in which the information is relayed is such that you are learning as you go. It was very important to us and to McDCG that the system we set up together be a unique system that specifically worked for our unique company. While working with McDCG we felt as though they were completely focused on us. They were always very responsive to our questions and needs. In addition, they offered a personal touch in which we were treated more as colleagues or partners working toward a common goal.”

Lisa D
VP First Tier Automotive Supplier

“Way to go! Thank you for all your [consulting and training] help! This is a key moment for SigmaTel, and we could not have done it without you. Please let me know if you need us as a reference. If anyone asks me for help in this area [ISO 9001 and process improvement], I will send them your way.”

Ron E
CEO, Semiconductor Chip Design firm

“The McDCG consulting expertise is the best. Our clients have appreciated the depth of understanding and insight the McDCG consulting staff has brought to every project assigned. I would not hesitate to rely on them for any project, from the simple to the complex. I highly recommend The McDonald Consulting Group.”

Scott D
President, ISO Consulting Service Provider

After considerable research, we selected The McDonald Consulting Group as our ISO transition resource. In a very short time, we knew that we had made the right choice. Mary is a subject matter expert that responded to our needs with very short notice. The McDonald Consulting Group not only developed and provided effective on-site training sessions and workshops specific to our needs, but also engaged as an extension of our management team to develop systems. The on-going support provided by the McDonald Consulting Group has been exceptional.

David M
Fortune 500 Automotive Parts Provider

“The McDonald Consulting Group provided an in-depth pre-surveillance audit that helped us identify weaknesses in our quality system and achieve our most successful Full System Surveillance audit to date. We will definitely continue to use their services.”

Rick B
Quality Manager, Labeling Solutions Provider

“We are a very small company with limited resources. The McDonald Consulting Group was hired to become our internal auditor and assist in our upgrade efforts to obtain our ISO 9001 certification. The Auditor was able to grasp our company’s operation and documentation procedures very quickly. As a result of McDCG’s understanding of the ISO certification process, we obtained our upgrade certification the very first attempt with amazing results. It has been a very satisfying relationship with The McDonald Consulting Group personnel.”

Sewall R
President Aerospace supplier

Mary McDonald has been invaluable in supporting a myriad of efforts throughout our company. Her forte has been working closely with us to develop training classes that were customized to get a lot of information across in a short period of time, while still being fun. We started with a sparse curriculum and now have active courses in Internal Auditing/ISO 9001, Problem Solving, Quality Tools and Process Improvement that have been deployed to hundreds. We couldn’t have done it without her support.”

Andrew K
Director of Quality, Instrumentation Supplier

“We had the pleasure of working with Mary and her team for our ISO 14001 implementation and certification. Throughout the project, the Mcdonald Consulting Group team was extremely professional, thorough, and knowledgeable in ISO 14001 practices. Mary prepared our staff for any and all questions that arose during our certification audit. With the tools that were provided to us, our facility is far more proficient in handling all environmental situations. I highly recommend Mcdonald Consulting for all ISO needs!”

Kezin P
VP, Fuels Recovery and Distribution Supplier

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Process Mapping/Process Improvement

“McDCG made the job interesting and enjoyable. They came into a very difficult situation, where habits were hard to break and attitudes were generally poor. We had absolutely no documented processes, and we had many problems. We were not even focusing on the right customer. McDCG handled the situation very well. We all learned much more than we expected during the projects.”

Dr. Barbara F
Director, major university Masters Program

“Mary is a joy to work with, she is a take-charge person who is able to present ideas and training to implement and improve our Quality Management Systems (QMS). Her exemplary work ethic is unmatched in today’s workforce. She is a skilled communicator and recognized leader. She treats all staff members with respect and is exceptional at teaching.” – Joanna

Barry G
Director, Fortune 50 Company

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Process Improvement/Lean Implementation

“We asked The McDonald Group to come into our offices to observe the workload in our technical support department and determine if we needed to hire another employee. Recent changes in personnel and an increase in company growth had made it difficult for us to assess our needs internally. McDonald Consulting Group gave us several solid recommendations; none of which involved hiring a new person. One of the major recommendations that I implemented was to restructure my work day. In the past, I had an open door policy and was having near constant interruptions. Thanks to McDCG, I’m being productive again… Other suggestions that have been implemented include outsourcing our marketing. The cost-savings have more than paid for the consulting fees.”

Debbie M, RN
CEO, Healthcare Software Supplier

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Internal Auditor Class

“Because of the nature of the class example/problem, it allowed significant insight into other aspects of the organization and the system of checks/balances in place… the course instructor was well-chosen for covering the material – knowledgeable, witty, personable, and an above-average facilitator.”

Chris H
Major Motor Manufacturer

“This is the best of the 6 Internal Auditor Training Courses I’ve attended [we are required to recertify annually]. This instructor knows the material, is an outstanding presenter, and does excellent, meaningful role play!”

Dorothy B
Business Communications Provider

“I came to this class against my will (my boss sent me), but I ended up really enjoying the format, and I learned a lot!”

Mike F
Lab Manager, Air Products Distribution

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