Process Improvement

Could you be doing what you’re doing better?

Have you tried, and stalled, or worse – failed, at making lasting improvements that are embraced by the stakeholders and employees?

McDonald Consulting Group can provide assistance to companies looking to achieve significant business results through process improvement techniques.

Some of the methods we employ include:

  • Business Process Improvement (BPI) – our Process Improvement consultants will use Business Process Mapping and Improvement tools to understand how the organization works. Business Process Improvement is the output of a process map analysis. Click here to find out more…
  • Performance Excellence Consultants (PE) – We offer both Lean and Baldrige-based Performance Excellence support.2690408751_1edcaa7746
  • Performance Excellence using Lean: Our Lean Consultants will review your organization and help you go through a Lean implementation. We’ll provide expert Lean Enterprise implementation assistance as you move forward and can provide training on all Lean tools, including 5S, Value Stream Mapping, and more.
  • Performance Excellence using Baldrige: An experienced MBNQA Examiner works with you to review your entire process using the Baldrige assessment criteria. We’ll work with you to train your personnel, and analyze your organization to provide not only an assessment of your organization, but also a roadmap for organizational improvement across all major areas, based on the gap analysis findings. Whether for your own internal use, or in preparation for a local, state, or national submission, we’ll provide you with straightforward and actionable feedback. We’ve helped committed organizations raise their score by 200 to 250 points… and we can help you.

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