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You’re doing OK, but could be doing better – you want to eliminate or reduce defects; you want to redesign the process flow more efficiently; you want to improve the processes.

Sounds difficult – but it’s not.  Let us help you Quell The Overwhelm™.


You’re worried that you’ll send your employees offsite to a training course, and they’re more focused on the travel location than the course.

Or that the training will be so generic that it won’t resonate with your folks.

Or that the examples won’t be something they can relate to…


Internal audits, Supplier audits, Integrated Audits and Remote Facility or Offshore Audits – sometimes it seems like all you do is manage or perform audits.

Wouldn’t it be nice to send an experienced professional in, receive a report, and know that it was done right?

ISO Transition

You have to implement or upgrade your system – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, AS 9100D, IATF 16949, or ISO 45001.

You’ve been asked to integrate your systems, or add a new standard to an existing system.

“After considerable research, we selected The McDonald Consulting Group as our ISO transition resource. In a very short time, we knew that we had made the right choice. Mary is a subject matter expert that responded to our needs with very short notice. The McDonald Consulting Group not only developed and provided effective on-site training sessions and workshops specific to our needs, but also engaged as an extension of our management team to develop systems. The on-going support provided by the McDonald Consulting Group has been exceptional.”

David M. - Fortune 500 Automotive Parts Provider

“The McDCG consulting expertise is the best. Our clients have appreciated the depth of understanding and insight the McDCG consulting staff has brought to every project assigned. I would not hesitate to rely on them for any project, from the simple to the complex. I highly recommend The McDonald Consulting Group.”

Scott D., President - ISO Software/Solution Provider

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