Process Improvement with Kaizen


Lean, Kaizen / Kaikaku, Business Process Improvement, and Performance Excellence

McDonald Consulting Group can provide assistance to companies looking to achieve significant business results through process improvement techniques.

Some of the methods we employ include:

  • Lean – Lean Consulting works with your Enterprise using a set of principles and tools that are used to improve quality, prevent waste, reduce lead-time and increase value to the customer.
  • Kaizen / Kaikaku – our trained consultants can walk your oganization through small incremental changes over a long period (Kaizen) or larger, wholesale changes (Kaikaku) closer to redesign than improve – and we have extensive experience in facilitating Kaizen Blitz and Process Re-engineering efforts to lead your organization quickly to an improved state.
  • Business Process Improvement (BPI) – our Process Improvement consultants will use Business Process Mapping and Improvement tools to understand how the organization works. Business Process Improvement is captured when we map the “future/perfect” process and build a bridge from the current “as is” state to the “future/perfect” state.
  • Performance Excellence Consultants (PE) – Because one solution doesn’t work for every organization, The McDonald Group offers both Lean and Baldrige-based Performance Excellence support. If you are looking to make large changes in your organization in all major areas (Leadership, Metrics, Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, and Community Involvement, to name a few), we can help.

We’ll work with you to train your personnel, and analyze your organization to provide not only an assessment of your organization, but also a roadmap for organizational improvement across all major areas, based on the gap analysis findings. Whether for your own internal use, or in preparation for a local, state, or national submission, we’ll provide you with straightforward and actionable feedback.

What is Lean?

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