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What is Risk-Based Thinking?

Risk-based thinking is a process we all take part in every day without actually thinking about it. Imagine going to cross the road, we automatically look left and right for any oncoming vehicles before crossing, effectively assessing the risk in stepping out into the road. Identifying the risk comes first, with a plan of action […]

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How Many Internal Auditors Should You Train

Audits are part and parcel of ISO registration, with internal audits being a Quality Management System’s best friend. ISO 9001 actually defines what is required as part of your internal audit procedure. Assigning an internal auditor satisfies this requirement, and helps management learn about the overall performance of their organization. Prior to your ISO 9001 […]

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The 3 Latest Changes to ISO

There have been a few changes to ISO this year, with deadlines for the 2015 standards and 45001 close to being reached in order to bring health and safety up to align with modern standards. In this article, we will look at those changes and what they mean for your business. ISO9001 The most recognized […]

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The Difference Between Kaizen and Kaikaku

To obtain Lean within an organization, it is necessary to make use of different methodologies suited to your organization. These methodologies provide actionable steps to change the thinking and processes of your organization. Kaizen and Kaikaku are two of these methodologies, both related to the improvements within a business when implementing lean processes. When people […]

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