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Who We Are

process Improvement done rightMcDonald Consulting Group is a boutique management-consulting firm with deep expertise in helping organizations optimize operations, improve quality and operational controls, and build organizational capabilities through consulting, auditing and training.  We believe in Process Improvement Done Right ™ – so you can get back to your core competence – and can help you with Lean, ISO, R2, Corrective and Preventive Action / Effective Root Cause Analysis, and more.

Process Improvement Done Right.

You think you’re doing “OK”, but wonder if you could be better.

Your customer, or management, etc. want you to get certified in ____________ (quality, environmental, health/safety, responsible recycling…)

For over 25 years we’ve helped small and large organizations worldwide in multiple industries that include  non-profits, service, high tech and low tech manufacturing, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, oil/gas, and service providers, to name a few…

Our team possesses national and international credentials and recognition as well as industry-specific certifications that enable us to deliver accelerated results, while responding immediately to our clients changing business priorities.

Sure, that’s all great, but what does it mean to you?

It means that we’ll help you look like a rockstar.  McDonald Consulting Group specializes in improving a company’s bottom line by working with our clients to identify and eliminate waste, improve their systems (Quality, Environmental, Health/Safety, Responsible Recycling/R2), and improve their customer and employee engagement.

We’ve been in business since 1995 in Austin TX; opened a New England office in early 2003; and currently our business model is to hire our expert talent on a contract basis when our business requires it and/or it makes sense geographically in order to keep overhead expenses to a minimum. We spend our own time and resources staying current (or creating/authoring) the latest trends in our industry.

Our team has implemented or audited literally hundreds of different systems, allowing us to inspect and integrate several different ways to implement a system (that all work).  Why should you care?  We’ve got tons more experience than that other guy who just retired from the Acme company, hung out his shingle, and wants to implement a system just like the only other one he’s ever seen be your value-priced consultant.  We’ve seen it all and can select from a large catelog of best practices to find the one that works best for you.  In addition, our engineering consultants typically have 10-15 years’ industrial experience prior to joining McDCG (so you’re not paying some just-graduated consultant to learn-while-they-earn to do your implementation).  We bring real-world expertise to your engagement. We’ve been there/done that and know where you’re coming from…. because it’s Process Improvement Done Right.

We love what we do, and it shows… We’re interested in working with YOU. We want to find out if we can help YOU with your problem.

Giving Back to the Community

We believes in doing well by doing good — so we donate 3% of our gross receipts in your name (that’s correct, every dollar through the door, including reimbursable expenses, not just profit) to worthy local, national and international charities such as SafePlace, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, and Heifer.org. All groups that help others to help themselves – perfectly aligned with our corporate mission of improvement.

If you have a special cause that is dear to your heart, let us know – many of our clients ask that we donate to specific charities for them, and as long as they meet the requirements from a tax perspective and work to help others help themselves (a cause that’s dear to OUR hearts), we are happy to do so. In recent years, we’ve also donated, per client requests, to Any Baby Can, and Austin Recovery.

What Makes us Different?

We’re your neighbors. Our team knows the area, the businesses, the people, and how ‘things are done around here’. McDCG client base covers the country, from LA to Boston/New York, San Jose to Florida,  Chicago to Texas, and everywhere in between.

We’re globetrotters. McDCG consults and trains around the world. We have done training in all parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, as well as European Union, and Asia.  We consult in several countries for our multinational clients, and have clients who are based solely in China in our client portfolio.   We can adapt to your unique needs easily.

We’re not the ‘Queen Mary’.  The old saying goes that, if someone went overboard on the Queen Mary, the ship would need to travel over one mile before being able to turn 180 degrees to get the poor water-soaked passenger. That’s not us! Being smaller allows us to react quickly to your unique needs. We can respond to your requests faster than the ‘big guys’ can, and can work quickly to help you solve your individual problems.   If we’re not providing that, let us know and we’ll make it right for you, right away!

We’re affordable.  The McDonald Consulting Group doesn’t have any hidden fees, any special clauses, or any huge up-front requirements. Our contract is simple and straightforward.  We spell out your costs, and help you estimate your expenditures based on the size and duration of the contract.

We only recommend what you need, not everything our company offers. And we can work with you to tailor our services to fit your budget.

We provide a quote that explains every step – and you can decide what you want. Some from column A, some from column B? No problem! We provide customized solution options, and you select the services you need.

We’re available.  Our clients love our communication policy – you’ll never be without an answer for more than 24 hours during regular business hours. We keep in touch via e-mail from all over the world. We answer voicemail within 4 hours if possible (if at another client, we wait for breaks or lunch in order to give them the attention they deserve; if not, you’ll get an immediate callback).  We monitor our phones from anywhere in the country to ensure that if you need us, we’re there for you.

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