Who Implements An ISO Standard?

What sort of yard owner implements an ISO standard?  In keeping with the theme of this edition, I stopped to ponder what are the common characteristics of the folks that I have the privilege and honor of working with, and serving.  With hardly any effort at all, I...

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The Times, They Are Changin’

Last time we talked about how to start understanding your process through some easy metrics. This time, we'll talk about what starting may mean. The most comprehensive word to describe this would be change. Change is rarely easy; however, it is a constant (like death...

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Key Performance Indicator

When a company is making money it can seem successful but is it truly measurable? If a company is struggling to achieve their organizational objectives it can be difficult to determine exactly what aspect of the company is holding it back. This is where Key...

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Visual Management

A picture speaks a thousand words and in any language you speak, which is why Visual Management as a communication technique is essential, even if we don't notice it every day. Visual management is a technique to help communicate expectations, performance, warnings...

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When there is not clear communication between team members it can result in duplicate efforts, defects or re-work of tasks already completed but done so incorrectly. Some supervisors find they are constantly on the go chasing tasks to be completed but not knowing...

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The Toyota Production System formalized a lot of concepts and terms, including the term Poka-yoke. Translated from Japanese it means mistake-proofing or avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka) and is any mechanism in Lean manufacturing that helps floor workers using equipment...

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Often a forgotten pillar of the Toyota Production System, and in Lean manufacturing itself, Jidoka is actually one of the most important principles of Lean. Sometimes known as autonomation, Jidoka means automation with human intelligence. The word itself was created...

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Elon Musk and His Future of Production

Between 1948 and 1975 Toyota developed a system using Ford’s Assembly line ideas to fine tune a production line that cut back on a number of waste matters. These were: Waste of waiting Overproduction waste Waste of unnecessary transport Additional stock waste...

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ISO 45001 – Gap and Audit

When everybody, from top management to part-time workers are on board with adopting ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Standard – there are certain steps needed before the business can be certified. Starting with running a gap analysis on the current state of...

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