Successfully Implement One Piece Flow

Understanding how One Piece Flow works is excellent, however implementing it is the hard part and takes effort from everyone involved. There is no official go-to guide on how to apply the concept as it is such a wide-ranging one however, there are some requirements...

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One Piece Flow

Although multi-tasking, or even batching tasks, can seem efficient and time-saving the actual opposite is true. Taking the time to focus on one piece of work at a time can speed up operations, particularly manufacturing, by 96%. The way this is done is simple. By...

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CAPA Responsibilities

Corrective Action and Preventive Action is a system to collect and analyze information regarding non-conformances in process. Identifying and investigating problems before putting in to place a corrective plan for the current problems, and a preventive plan for future...

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Common Mistakes When Process Mapping

Process mapping is an analytic tool for capturing the operation of an organization and create a visual map of the processes involved, the flow of information and deliverables. Its main goal is to create an efficient map that shows what is and is not working,...

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Relationship Between Quality And Sustainability

In 2009 Ram Nidumolu, CK Prahalad and MR Rangaswami wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review declared sustainability to be the ‘key driver of innovation’ summarizing research of 30 large corporation in one key statement: "Our research shows that sustainability...

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Risk Analysis Considerations

There is always an element of risk in everything and anything we do. However, in business the number of risks and their level of risk, are a key focus area in ISO Standards. Risks have always been considered in ISO standards and can determine the way an organization...

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Most Common FMEA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a disciplined approach for determining potential failure modes and the effects they may have on design, process, and system. It is an excellent analysis tool, however, like all systems, mistakes can be made easily enough....

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Is Your Staff Stressed?

Workplace environments are one of the biggest contributes to stress, whether it is through burn out or bore out. Larger workloads, increased competition and rapid changes in technology, with the expectations staff can keep up, means many staff members are placed under...

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Communicating With Customers

Customers are the bread and butter of any business. Therefore, any communication with existing or potential customers needs to be high quality, informative and honest. Most communications with customers can be separated into 4 main categories: General communications...

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