ChristmasI recently read this and thought it was so appropriate for this holiday season – remember that doom and gloom is only so because we allow it to be so…

Give Yourself a Christmas Present
by Napoleon Hill

May I suggest that this Christmas you can give yourself a present which will bring you riches in abundance, peace of mind, and attract to you enduring friendships?

The present I have in mind is something which only you can give yourself, and it happens to be the only thing over which you have complete control.

It can change your entire life so completely that every circumstance you experience – every transaction you have with others – will bring you definite benefits.

It can help you transmute sorrow and adversity into powerful spiritual qualities which may add new strength to your religion in times of emergency.

It can banish all forms of fear and substitute faith with which you can direct your activities to ends of your own choice.

This gift is so miraculous that it will extend to the lives of your loved ones and make them richer in the values which count for most is life.

It will attract to you new and unexpected opportunities for advancement in your occupation.

And it can rekindle the fires of love and friendship where they may have grown cold by neglect.

It can remove the causes of many physical ailments and help you enjoy a dynamic, healthful physical body.

It can give you the magic power to convert enemies into friends.

It can put something into your handshake which was not there before and give your spoken words forcefulness that will command respect and attention from others.

It can give you the alertness of mind with which to make definite and accurate decisions.

There is no substitute for this gift which only you can present to yourself.


It costs nothing except the will to appropriate it; however, the only way you can keep it is to give it first position through usage in the habits which control your daily living.

Source: Success unlimited. December, 1954. Vol. 1, No. 8. Pg. 11.