If only our own processes worked as seamlessly as this duo’s — moving back and forth without missing a beat (for the most part) – and the obvious joy they share as they work together to produce a fun time for all!
That, in turn, got me thinking – how can we get our teams to enjoy themselves while working together? How can we infuse joy into the mundane?

What would improve teamwork at work?

If this was implemented here at McDCG, there would never be a queue for the printer, all client queries would be handled seamlessly, our invoices would be sent with zero errors on the correct day, and there would be no errors internally. [Not to brag, but we’re pretty close to some of these already — which makes it more fun to identify the areas where we CAN improve!]
Probably the most famous example of teamwork at work, where team members have fun while working hard, is Pike Place Fish Market – Seattle. there are lots of videos on YouTube, both from professionals like Business on Main and from visitors like this one.  If PPFM has figured out how to make handling and selling fish fun, then virtually any business can implement a better system for teamwork at work
If this philosophy was implemented where you work, what would it look like?  Tell us what teamwork at work looks like for you!