process-improvement-2Southwest Airlines today announced that it will be testing wi-fi connectivity in their aircraft – allowing you to connect while in the skies.

My question – is this really process improvement? Do we really need to be connected in the sky? It’s annoying enough when we touch down, and every other person has the following conversation on their cell phone:

“Hey, it’s me. Yep, we just landed. OK, I’ll call you from the terminal.” WHY can’t they just wait until they get into the terminal and call then? Why give the other party a ‘heads up’ that they will get a phone call in 5 mins?

So, will having wi-fi now let these same people send the following e-mail:

“Hey, it’s me. Yep, I’m flying at 33,000 ft and sending out emails – pretty cool!” Really, how much more work will we get done? How much less spider solitaire will REALLY be played? 🙂

Am I off base here? Let me know…