getting-organizedHow many times have you heard this tip “Lay out everything you’ll need for the next day before you go to bed”?

Obviously, not enough if you are not doing this easy task right now.

Organizing the night before allows you to get all those pesky ‘to-dos’ floating around in your brain out of there, before you go to bed.

It also allows your brain to continue working on that item like Santa – making a list and checking it twice – so that if you DID forget something, you’ll remember it (I keep a pad of paper next to the bed so if I remember something after I’m in bed, I jot it down/get it out of my head before trying to sleep. So far, it’s fooled my brain enough that I can then doze off…)

The upside is that you can sleep 10 mins later in the morning [so now all of you who know me know why I REALLY do this…]

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