We are moving tomorrow.

Movers will arrive at 8 am and carry all the big heavy pieces of furniture and the multiple boxes we’ve accumulated.

movingMoving is much more than shifting locations for things, though.

Moving implies change – the new rooms aren’t exactly the same as the old rooms. The stuff I’m bringing may be inadequate, or may be superfluous. Decisions have to be made constantly – pack or toss? File or throw? Save or discard? Where to put this? How to set this up?

In a perfect world, I would have had unlimited time to casually yet thoroughly sort through my stuff, culling filing cabinets, purging irrelevant or outdated reference materials and coursework, and generally being a Lean Queen.

Ummm, we’re not in a perfect world.

I’m tossing as much as I can, but also know that most of the culling and sorting will happen AFTER the move given the time constraints I’m working under (I keep telling myself that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and pray that it’s not a freight train bearing down on me…)

Some decisions are easy – the desk will go next to the door, away from the windows, so I don’t have to worry about TX sun beating in on me directly. It will be sideways, so a quick glance to my right will show me the beautiful canyon outside (I think there’s a family of cardinals living nearby since they zip past the window all the time in a streak of red…)

Other decisions are not so easy – some are philosophical: What do I want to accomplish by the move? and some are tactical: How should I set up the printing peripherals to maximize their usage and eliminate the spaghetti tangle of cords?

Either way, it’s a great opportunity to start fresh without the restrictions of “it’s too hard to rearrange” – now to make it better – one idea at a time!

Wish me luck!