Why Outsourcing your ISO Makes Sense

The process of becoming ISO Standard certified can be a long process if you have never gone through it before, and take up a lot of internal resources you cannot afford to spare. At times expertise in different standards and their processes is necessary. That is why many companies are outsourcing ISO implementation to an independent certification consultant or company. This is often better since they have an expertise in the area and can handle the certification process quickly and easily.


It is necessary when auditing your current situation to look at each aspect of the organization impartially. Not every organization is lucky enough to have an individual who is completely unattached to the processes they are auditing or have the knowledge to do so. An auditor will examine all the different areas of the organization from customer relations and production to human resources with a complete impartiality. An Auditor may have their own niche – certain industries they specialize in assisting – but they will not know the exact processes and procedures used in each organization.  


Not only do outsourced auditors make the certification process quick and easy, they also help train and coach an organization to adapt to the new processes it will need to implement as part of the ISO Standard it is adopting. As experts in the field, they will have ways in which best suits your organization to efficiently train employees in the new procedures. A good auditor will also have the expertise to identify any issues in your current ISO acceptable procedures and improve them to make them more sustainable.

When using a third party source, they may also audit the product realization of an organizationWhen using a third party source, they may also audit the product realization of an organizationWhen using a third party source, they may also audit the product realization of an organizationOther Benefits

When using a third party source, they may also audit the product realization of an organization. Looking at the processes engaged by the organization to develop and manufacture a finished product or service.

Outsourcing firms must use CASCO standards – a set of standards that show their service or system meets the requirements – and preferably be accredited to provide independent confirmation of their competence. These firms will have been audited themselves to confirm they have the expertise to handle assisting organizations to become ISO standard certified.

Not just for organizations looking to be certified

Outsourcing ISO implementation is not just for new organizations to become certified but also for organizations due for their re-certification. An audit will be required 3 months prior to the date re-verification is required, and will need to be looking for any non-compliance. The process can be changed over the years to adapt to new technology and organizational structures, these changes may not always be ISO Standard compliant. An employee of an organization will be used to the same processes daily, they may not be aware of the non-compliance of that process. An outsourced auditor, however, will be able to clearly identify the aspect of the process and suggest alternative solutions to become complaint once again.

Outsourcing ISO implementation makes sense for all these reasons, and more. Having an expert to wade through the complications of ISO standard certifying, train up your organization to make the implementation smoother and provide impartial improvement suggestions can save your organization both time and money in the long term. Although the initial costs may be high the overall benefits far outweigh the cost. Expensive costs, however, will not always mean a quality firm, make sure you do your research and find a certified firm with a proven track record who can help you.