The demand for technology-based services is growing, with more and more businesses offering IT systems, cloud-based software and digital support to the consumers worldwide. The need for regulations, quality management, and disaster recovery plans are therefore essential, especially in such a competitive field as the technology sector.

ISO 9001 focuses on the quality management standards of a company and means a company is accredited by a registrar – an external certifying agent. There are several benefits to a company, particularly a technology company to be certified.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

ISO 9001 provides technology companies information on the required systems and procedures necessary to achieve streamlined, effective processes. With its concerns for quality management the standard looks to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting the customer’s requirements, and those applicable requirements of the industry itself. Smaller, upcoming technology businesses can struggle to achieve the high-level requirements of the industry, however adopting ISO 9001 standards can make it possible to get ahead in the competitive race.

The rapidly growing business IT and communications provider, Alternative, noticed a significant rise in customer satisfaction levels after adopting ISO 9001 to help them improve their order completion rates. (Case Study)

Technology Can Be Risky and Complex

The internal systems used to manage security, the processes to adapt to new technology and handle the increasing consumer demand require complex internal processes to avoid hitting stumbling blocks, and risking the loss of business. ISO 9001 looks at the risks and opportunities within a company as part of its planning section. For an IT company, this can be related to the use of electronic systems, and the way in which they are integrated into current management systems. Combined with the constant need to monitor and analyze results it provides confidence that the systems in place are constantly efficient to the growth of the company.

Staying Focused

Even in the technological industry, the need to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is important. However, there is the requirement that all members of staff are working towards the same KPIs and understand the benefit to the company in doing so. This is where the leadership section of ISO 9001 is relevant – it provides guidelines to include all employees and keep them focused. An internal auditing process requirement provides objective feedback on the quality of processes within the company. This audit will keep the company focused on its goals and management of quality levels.

Attractive To Vendors, Consumers and Overseas

Those holding certification of ISO 9001 are regularly audited to assure consumers, and vendors, that the company is continually providing performance and service above the basic minimal levels. The audit can highlight a company’s commitment to constantly improving and maintaining a strong customer focus. In the evolving world of technology, this provides confidence within the company to adapt to new ways and can attract new business.

Worldwide technological advances also mean providing an international service is easier than ever before. Being certified with ISO 9001, an internationally accepted standard opens up the possibility of working with and being trusted by companies worldwide.

A company can use their ISO 9001 certification in their marketing and appeal to quote requests from those that make ISO 9001 certification a major requirement. Opening new markets, both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in getting certified under ISO 9001, then hire a consultant to run an audit of your current systems and processes before applying.