los-angeles-earthquakeHere I sit in a client’s office in Los Angeles, still trying to recover for the 5.8 earthquake that just rocked the area about an hour ago.

I’m still a little queasy (probably adrenalin aftermath) and a little shaky (my insides as well as the building movement)…

I gotta tell ya, it’s really thrown off my concentration. I can’t focus on what I was doing when the quake struck; I can’t focus on what I’m supposed to be accomplishing right now; and just when I think I’m OK and ready to get back to it, the lights freekin’ flicker! Like, every 2-3 mins – just enough to be annoying as well as a reminder that “Things aren’t like they were this morning”.

So, here’s my deal with myself: when the lights stop flickering, I’ll start working on diagramming a process again.

Till then, it’s hangin’ around on Twitter and hopin’ that I can continue to fake out the client with my perceived nonchalance – all while silently screaming “I want my mommy!” in my head… and I’ll gladly pay the big trucks that rumble by the building $100 if they take another route – their passing feels too much like aftershocks.