clutterClutter – it’s everywhere if we let it be… and it’s insidious, sneaking up on you.

When we moved to a new home we had a chance to declutter, and although it was sorta weird not putting everything out that we had in the old house, it was also really nice.

Although you don’t have to move abodes to declutter (that’s pretty extreme) – you can take some easy steps.

Now, I was able to find these sources in literally seconds; and the info they provide is great. What are some de-cluttering tips that you use?

  • I open mail at the recycle bin – if I don’t need it, into the recycling it goes. If I do need it, it gets handled right away or the next day (hopefully)
  • I clean the kitchen counters off every evening (if I can/I’m home, etc.) so nothing has a chance to build up
  • I file invoices as they’re paid, and don’t print them out from the accounting software until they are – so I only print once, not twice, and I file it right away.

What’s your best idea for decluttering – either at home or at work? Do tell!