Using rewards for motivationWe’re only 20 days into summer, 73 more days until the first day of fall, and here in Austin it is HOT! – 105° today!

The weatherman says to stay inside, stay hydrated, and limit exposure to the heat. Seems like it would be easy to take the weatherman’s advice and use your time in the A/C to concentrate on your business, but still, this time of year the mind wanders to thoughts of vacation.

The TV commercials for Sea World, Six Flags, and Schlitterbahn only exaggerate the feelings that you should be doing something else.

Are you afraid that the summer will pass you by?

How about making that summer excursion the reward for reaching a goal?

I’m sure you have some work project that’s 75% -85% done you just lack the motivation to finish.

Go ahead and finish it up, or at least move it to the next step. Then have a little fun.

You know you need to relieve the stress, and that you will come back felling refreshed and revived, with a new zest for getting stuff done.

It’s a win-win situation! The sooner you finish that task, the sooner your mini-vacation will come!

Here’s my simple goal: I will fill out my work calendar and schedule for the next two months.

My reward will be to schedule in the time to go see Shamu!

What will you do?

Do you have any easy, but necessary tasks that deserve a reward?

Please share your tasks and rewards, with a few good ideas to choose from maybe I’ll see you at the zoo, aquarium, movies, or outdoor concert!