changeIn order to get improvement, one must change.

How hard is it to change?

Apparently, harder than you think.

I read about it first in Michael Bungay Stanier’s great newsletter (sign up if you don’t get it now – it’s always interesting, thought provoking, and humorous) and his business, Outside the Lines has one of the best programs I’ve found to help with creativity and goal setting — Get Unstuck and Get Going.

The thing that really startled me was the link he embedded to a Fast Company article on change — and the results really shocked me.

I can’t believe it’s that hard to change… but wait… how many times have I vowed to lose weight/exercise more/be kinder/slow down/volunteer more/take care of myself/take care of others/stop and smell the roses/etc. and haven’t?

Maybe their numbers aren’t so far off…