learning styles I am a recent convert to graphics – mind maps, flow charts, diagrams, you name it, I love it.


Because as I work with more and more folks, in more and more different industries (and countries), I see that graphics makes a HUGE difference in comprehension speed.

Not comprehension necessarily, but in the speed that the idea or concept is transferred.

Let me give you an example — I was talking to a client about the need for a data repository to capture lessons learned. I started off explaining how it works — and it took me forever (well, OK, 4 slides) to get the idea across with all of the steps involved.

To make matters worse, since I was working with a translator, she had to understand the ideas as a whole so she could interpret my remarks correctly.

I whipped out my trusty pen and paper, and drew her a quick graphic – and we were able to convey the entire concept in one slide.

Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to embed a graphic from ppt into this blog… any help from the technorati? but if you send me an email (info@suzanneb41.sg-host.com) I’ll shoot you a copy of the slide…

So, obviously, I’m a big fan of graphics.

What’s your preference?