organize-with-colourOne of the tips I tell my clients, if they are visual, is to use color to help them become more organized.

For example, I use GREEN folders for my CPA – anything that has to do with money, I have color coded GREEN.

I also color code my clients – if I am doing work with three different clients simultaneously (a pretty common occurrence), I will have them filed with three very different colors, such as BLUE, YELLOW, and RED. That way, when trying to find files on the fly, I can grab by color rather than read the tabs of files that all look the same.

Try color coding your files and let me know if that works for you also!

Which is easier to describe to someone else — please get me the YELLOW file?

With the same color folders for everything, you’re reduced to reading labels…

Which file is easier for you to find at a glance – the orange file, or the one with the McDonald Consulting Group written on the tab of the manila folders?