TwitterThere are many ways that we can improve our communication — here are a few suggestions:

  • Unambiguity – making very sure that your message isn’t misinterpreted. This is key especially when the communication is non-verbal, such as phone or email, since it is more difficult to read body language, see the smile, or sense the tone of a thought via the written word.
  • Brevity – keeping the message ‘clean’ by keeping the message on point – and to the point.
  • Clarity – keeping the message ‘clear’ by ensuring that the message is consistent (and unambiguous, and brief…)

For those of you who Twitter (, you are already aware that Twitter limits posters to 140 characters – in essence, forcing you to ensure that your writing is unambiguous, brief, and clear.

Twitter may be a training ground for all of us to be better, more efficient communicators!