good-blogsYep, I’m going to follow the time-honored tradition of telling you some cool sites to visit:

Meryl Evans, from, writes the Bionic Ear Blog [can you spot the mistake on this page? She may be looking for a bionic ear, but she apparently has got time travel down pat!] as well as some great technical stuff. She had a links page which was fun to go to also!

Another blog I read constantly (much to the detriment of my work/sleep) is Jenny’s, in various incarnations – she has The Bloggess, and Good Mom/Bad Mom – both of which are a hoot. If you get easily offended, you may want to skip these sites… if you don’t, be prepared to laugh you *ss off. I have a bazillion more I could post, but I’m laughing too hard… and as a side note, did you realize that ‘blog’ spelled sideways is ‘glob’, which is what these posts are — globs of fun!

I also follow Guy Kawasaki who’s got some cool posts – I learn a little bit about a lot from his Alltop sites (I’d suggest a Quality listing, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t make it, and then I’d be crushed), and I learn the latest in Apple toys from him also. That said, he seems like he’s a cool dude and doesn’t take himself to seriously. Everyone should follow his Powerpoint Presentation rules (me included – they can easily be adapted from VC to Quality, right?).

Finally, I faithfully read Glenda Watson Hyatt’s blog. She’s got athetoid cerebral palsy due to being denied oxygen at birth, and as a result has limited body control… she types everything with her left thumb, and hence is AKA The Left Thumb Blogger. She’s got more humor, courage, and brains in her left thumb than most of us have in total, and I am constantly in awe of her. Most of all, her humor keeps me coming back…

That’s it for now, kiddos!