spamAll of us get lots of email — some more than others, but we all share a common enemy – spam email.

Yes, if I only click on this mail, I can become a foreign agent for government money, fix my bank/paypal breach, try creams, lotions, and potions that promise the world, and also get free software downloads.

Why should I spend any time reviewing this list of crap so diligently?

Because of what it hides – the occasional mail from a legitimate source that gets buried in there!

I’m a member of the Ask Liz Ryan Yahoo group, and one member complained that a lot of her digest mails were inexplicably going into her spam folder. Trouble is, she didn’t review the file for 2 weeks! So, instead of noticing the problem and nipping it in the bud, she thought the list was quiet… and may have missed some interesting threads that ‘perished’ [can threads become stale and die?]

By reviewing your spam folder religiously, you can quickly dispose of those files forever, keep your spam folder nice and tidy, and best of all, NOT LOSE A LEGIT CONTACT!

The easiest way is to check it daily…. I know, I get between 12 and 35 spams a day. And at least two (if not more) days a week I’ll find something in there – a google alert that I’ve been getting for months, a link to subscribe to a new newsletter, etc. – that doesn’t belong.

It’s like that old Sesame Street game – “Which of these things is not like the others? Which of these things just doesn’t belong?”

Pick out the thing that doesn’t belong – the legit email – and dropkick the rest of the stuff where it deserves to go — in the permanent trash!