Environmental Management Systems

environmentalEnvironmental Management Systems (EMS) are implemented in organizations in order to identify, monitor and measure environmental aspects of processes.

Organizations who have implemented an EMS have seen increased environmental performance.

We can help you implement an ISO compliant EMS — either by helping you register externally to the international standard ISO 14001; or by implementing a system that meets the requirements but is self-declaring.

Either way, McDonald Consulting Group can help you implement the system that works for you.

The ISO 14000 family of standards provides guidance on developing environmental policies within an organization to create an Environmental Management System, or EMS.

ISO 14001 can be implemented as a stand alone management system, or if you have ISO 9001 it can be integrated into the existing system fairly easily.

All sizes and types of organizations can implement the ISO 14001 guidelines to demonstrate commitment to controlling its activities and processes that may effect the environment.

Today more than ever companies are concerned about controlling their processes to be kinder to the environment. Customers make buying decisions based on the company’s environmental reputation. Government regulations are getting stricter to ensure that the environment is protected from unnecessary damage. Employees want to feel good and confident that they are working in an organization that cares about its impact.

The key to success is to ensure that the EMS works as a management tool. When implemented correctly the value will be realized through savings in energy costs, more efficient use of materials, and possibly in legal compliance costs. Working with an experienced consultant from the McDonald Consulting Group will help you identify the particular value that can be achieved in your company.

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