Do We Need an EMS?

Does our business impact the environment?

All businesses that use energy and water, make or receive shipments, buys raw materials, or produces waste has an impact on the environment.

Will we need to hire additional staff to run our EMS?

An EMS can be managed by your existing employees. Once the standard is communicated and understood, and your policies and procedures are in place or modified to adhere to your EMS, the controls needed to maintain the system can be worked into existing operations.

We don’t have the time to implement an EMS.

Environmental legislation and requirements are going to get stricter and stricter. Making the effort now will save you time and money down the road. Additionally, your company will save money through improved efficiencies that will pay off now.

How much money can we save by implementing an EMS?

It’s typically possible to save 10 – 15 percent through lower utility bills and reduction in waste disposal.

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