QMS Core Tools

Core Tools

Core Tools are the “six pack” from the automotive standard ISO/TS 16949 – a basic set of tools that allow an organization to control their process in order to provide repeatable products to their customers. Taken together, these tools will provide the data necessary to demonstrate process control for ISO or TS (automotive) systems.

Core Tool Topics

      • Advanced Product Quality Planning – APQP: lays out the system from proof of concept through full production.
      • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis – FMEA: identifies the potential failure modes and their effects on design or processes.
      • Production Part Approval Process – PPAP: provides a map for parts approval at varying levels of submission.
      • Problem Solving – 8D: eight disciplines for identifying the root cause(s) and corrective actions.
      • Measurement Systems Analysis – MSA: provides gage repeatability and reproducibility (Gage R&R) techniques and analysis.
      • Statistical Process Control – SPC: analysis of a process to identify and eliminate special causes.

CA Plus — Better Corrective Action and Risk Identification

CA Plus covers a better way to identify risks, opportunities, and root causes. It combines current tools in a new way of thinking and dramatically increases the chances of implementing a true corrective action that eliminates the defect ever occurring — even if from a different root cause. This course is based on the 8D methodology, but we dig deeper into a few of the steps to increase the chances that the corrective action fixes the problem – permanently.

I teach this breakthrough technique in an intimate classroom setting, where we walk through examples together, applying standard RC/CA thinking to tools in new ways — and demonstrate how easy it is to do this in your own facility. Read what clients have to say here.

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