Management Skills

Management SkillsYour company works hard to build an organization of highly trained, driven, and productive employees. You expect your professional staff to perform as well together as they do in their individual areas of expertise. However, sometimes when high caliber individuals are asked to work as a team, power struggles and misunderstandings waste valuable time and get in the way of productivity. That’s when The McDonald Group management skills training can help your organization.

Teamwork & Teambuilding

Encourages each attendee to become a contributing and important part of the team, an ideal source of information for improving individual leadership skills in a team setting.

Time Management using Time Balance™

Time Balance ™ is a simple program that allows you to analyze your Outlook calendar via our Excel program, to determine where you spend your time vs. where you should be spending your time.

Seven Intelligences

The Seven Intelligences teaches how to acknowledge key traits of employees in order to bring out their best work.

Project Management for Everyone

This course will provide participants with practical skills that apply to all type of projects and enable them to better manage their projects.

Project Management Skills

This three-day interactive course is designed to introduce you to a consistent process for managing any Project in an Organization.

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