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Internal Audits

We can do an audit of your facility to help you prepare for a customer or registrar visit, meet your ISO requirements, or to assess where you are vs. a standard (Gap Analysis).  Need it done quickly?  Need it done right?  Need an expert?  You got it!

Supplier Audits

How does your supply chain stack up? Are your suppliers following their own procedures?  Yours?  We will compare your suppliers; identify issues in warranty claims, supplier quality, and their conformance to your requirements; and document it with objective evidence for you.  In the past we’ve identified issues that resulted in better quality, better conformance, better on-time delivery, and increased satisfaction.

Integrated audits

We can review your conformance against multiple standards, or determine where you need to focus efforts when expanding your registration scope. We’ve done this for ISO 9001, ISO 140001, OHSAS 18001, Automotive, RoHS, WEEE, R2, e-Steward, AS 9100, ISO 13485, and ISO 17025.

Remote Facility/Offshore Audits

Are your employees spending more time in the air than they are at their desk? Save your company the expense and hassle of sending employees overseas for inspection. We will provide you with expert objective feedback on the state of offshore operations and relate it to current international industry standards.

Legal Compliance Audits

Let us verify that your legal register is complete; and that you are meeting the requirements of each of the identified laws and regulations.  



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