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Implementing Triple Bottom Line for Business Sustainability.

The triple bottom line, sometimes referred to as the three P’s (People, Planet, and Profit) is a tool that can be used by any business to ensure that they are not only maximizing short term profits but also creating a strong foundation for sustainable business success.

The triple bottom line approach creates sustainable business practices that not only take into account the important economic impacts of business decisions but also the impact those decisions may have on the environment and community.

The key to triple bottom line sustainability is identifying and tracking business metrics related to environmental and community performance, not just economic performance. Once identified these metrics can be linked together to give you a full view of the impacts your decisions are having.

How We Can Help?

The McDonald Consulting Group will help you identify and link your key business metrics to support social responsibility and business sustainability.

We view each project as a unique case and recognize that no one set of metrics is right for every business.  Once our sustainability consultants have identified your unique metrics, we can help put systems in place to monitor them.

We will analyze your business and impacts to help you determine which metrics are important for you and which are not.

We will build these systems around your business, so that they help you to assess your sustainability progress without impeding or interfering with your existing business processes.

We will use our expertise in sustainability systems implementation and integration to make sure that the monitoring of your triple bottom line metrics is fully integrated throughout your business at all key points, ensuring that you will continue to reap the benefits of your triple bottom line approach, long after your engagement with McDonald Consulting Group is over.

As with all McDonald Consulting Group implementations, our sustainability consultants’ goal is to build something that accomplishes your long-term and short-term goals, in a way that uniquely works for your business. Our sustainability consultants want to implement a system that fits into your business.

We don’t want to add aspects to you business that don’t add value, create busy-work, or will fall off or get abandoned after we leave; our goal is to get your Triple Bottom Line implemented and providing value to your organization.

We have helped organizations in Austin TX; Dallas TX; Boston MA; and Santa Clara / San Jose CA implement TBL and we can do the same for you – efficiently and completely!