The Role of a QMS Consultant


The publication ISO 10019 provides information on the role of a QMS Consultant.

The following describes the actions that the consultant will perform for the organization:

1. Illustrate the concepts concerning quality management paying special attention to the understanding and adoption of quality management principles, ensuring that the design and implementation of the QMS is suited to the organization’s culture and specific business environment.

2. Involve all relevant individuals in the QMS realization, advising and supporting the organization in identifying the appropriate processes needed for its QMS, define the relative importance and interaction of those processes and assist the organization in identifying documentation essential to ensure the effective planning, operation and control of its processes.

3. Once the processes have been identified, evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency to stimulate the organization to look for opportunities for improvement and assist in promoting a process approach and continual improvement of the QMS within the organization.

4. Assist in identifying the training needs to enable the organization to maintain the QMS.

5. Where applicable, assist the organization in identifying the relationship between its QMS and any other relevant management system (e.g. environmental or occupational health and safety) and facilitate the integration of such systems.

The success of the QMS depends mainly on the involvement and commitment of top management and not on the consultant alone.

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