During the Implementation phase, your organization will:

  • Create or gather your Work Instructions and other documentation – get people involved by writing down what their jobs cover;
    • include: who is responsible for performing and checking activities, where the activity takes place, when does it happen, and what happens, i.e. how the activity is performed.
    • It is important to keep these documents as simple as possible to accurately describe how to do the job and to be clear enough for a layperson to understand.
  • Collate this in sequences relevant to the list of business activities. You will also need to record your quality policy and quality objectives and make sure that the work instructions support these.
  • Identify where the standard and this list of your business activities link together
  • Apply the standard and the QMS –Develop and start following the QMS procedures you have created regarding audits, corrective and preventative actions, record tracking, and Management Review
  • Check to make sure that the quality management system you’ve developed is simple, functional and relevant to the business operations