email-newslettersOK, so you found a newsletter you think may be interesting… or, you want the free report and agree to get the newsletter or ezine as part of the package… or, well, you get the idea.

And all of a sudden, a few months later, if you’ve signed up for a few free offers, you are getting DOZENS of newsletters. All of them may have one interesting article, or one new way of doing something, so you don’t want to stop getting them… or do you?

In preparation for my trip to Shanghai later this week, I am culling out my newsletters and ezines. And it’s amazing how many I get.

You don’t really notice if you’re a skimmer like me how many come in since I handle them on a daily basis; but if you sit back and realize you’ll only have 30 mins/day for the next two weeks, and what do you want to spend your time reading… you look back over the past week and notice with shock and dismay that you’re getting a boatload of these suckers. Suddenly you’re looking at the bottom of those marginal ezines/newsletters for the ‘SafeUnsubscribe’ or the ‘opt out’ tag. And hitting it. And realizing that you can survive perfectly fine without their helpful tips.

I think.

If you find you can’t live without them (or live without them as well) you can resubscribe, which I’ve dubbed ‘opt out remorse’.

Oh, and let me know how many you’ve unsubscribed from and if you’ve resubscribed to any after ‘opt out remorse’ has set in.

I’ve unsubbed to nine so far and probably will double that number before the end of the month.

What can you live without?